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Is your website ready for the millennial traveller?


Why Digital Marketing is Necessary for Travel Industry?

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The Internet Has Changed the Market Significantly

Whether we realize it or not, the internet has changed the way to travel. Those people who technology –literate prefer to plan their vacation by purchasing various elements such as hotels, airline tickets, tour tickets, car rentals, to hotel and restaurant bookings over the internet.

The Internet Campaign is an Absolutely Thing To Do

To reach a global audience, it is not enough only by a regular promotions as exhibition, etc.

Time and Cost Efficiency

The existence of the website will greatly support the process of digital marketing. With the website, a travel business will be more efficient. You can serve more and more online customers and reach your target audience globally, especially those using smartphones and tablets.

As Well as Any Websites Design and Structure which You Have, It’ll Be Nothing If Not Supported by Good Management

In the digital era as it was now, websites has become essential to the travel industry. And the most important things about having a website is how to manage it. Because it would be nothing if you have a website, but you can’t manage it well. And one of them is the quality content. Content is the king. If your website doesn’t have quality and useful content for visitors, it can be sure your website will be quiet and easily abandoned visitors. With the help of quality content such as email, video, or an article, online marketing can go viral for any given audience.

“Ready or not, you still have to compete online if you want to continue to grow and survive”


Integrated Campaigns

Integrate and coordinate effective communication channels and find a ways to make the travel & tourism products and facilities reach to audience through the right media communication.

Social Media Strategy and Execution

The right and proper marketing strategy on social media networks such as facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube, and much more will be helpful in building brand and reach the target audience globally.

Loyalty Programs

In a business, there will always be the efforts of competitors and new comers who want to destabilize your customer loyalty level. That’s why it is important to maintain your customer loyalty in order to remain faithful to the tour & travel services you offer through various loyalty programs.

Customer and Influencer Engagement

Bringing influencers into the middle of the market can be an efficient and effective marketing strategy when you can executed it well. Influencer is not just a celebrity. It can be someone who has many relationships and has direct interaction with people who are in line with your target audience. And the most important things is that the influencer is a person who has the character and image that suits your business.

Paid Search

Advertising where the ads will appear in the top position of search engine results or site partners by paying each time the ads is clicked (pay-per-click / PPC) or when the ads is displayed (cost per impression / CPM). When the keyword that customer searches for is the keyword that is specified as the paid search base, it means that your ads is being delivered to the right person. Therefore, a larger conversion rate can occur easily.

Content Strategy and Development

How to strategize to create quality content at the website. When a website has quality content, then the next step of online promotion will become easier.

Guest Journey Experiences

Mobile and Web Development

Targeting & Re-Targeting

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”

– Peter Drucker

KPI Focus

KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) can be used to evaluate how successful a travel & tourism business is at reaching specific targets.

– Occupancy rate

– Revenue per room or mile

– Look-to-book ratio

– Direct bookings

– Online reputation and ratings

– Reservation abandonment rate

– Promotion conversion rate

– Loyalty program subscribers

– Guest satisfaction

– Content engagement

– Search ranking

– Brand sentiment

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Time is money! Don’t let your travel business in vain and not managed optimally and professionally just because it can’t compete online!

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Varna Culture Hotel is the hotel who providing a comfortable and luxurious stay with historical presence. The hotel who was in Tunjungan Street are needed a complete websites system who can provide the detail information about their services and various facilities to the tourists.

Based on it, Alphanext with the team has responsibility to make Varna Culture Hotel Soerabaia‘s UI & UX websites. Concerned with the design of travel & tourism websites, we are trying to design a website with dominant photos/pictures that can explain and accentuating the destination that was the most important thing in a travel & tourism websites.


Alphanext make a website design that accentuates the impression of luxurious and cultural by displaying the Varna Culture Hotel Soerabaia‘s building that very historical. Website design put orange-brown color theme to give the vintage impression.

The Varna Culture Soerabaia‘s website also designed by Alphanext with a complete and integrated system. From website, the tourists can do online room reservations and also see the availability of the room.

Interested to make a travel & tourism website? or requiring website system such as the ticketing or booking services related to travel industry?


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