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Why Choose AlphaNext?

Why Choose AlphaNext?

Hello, nowadays almost everyone has a website! Identity seems to have become a basic necessity for every business regardless of their production. Having a website is the easiest way to promote your business and attract attention by expanding its wings into online business shutter.

Website has an important role in improving and maintaining a company. Websites can be used to be a product sales medium, introducing company profiles, publishing tools and also building branding for your business products. Unfortunately, building a website is not easy because it requires a combination of programming skills, design, and of course optimization. Not infrequently the business people must use the services of website creation. Then where do you choose? Alphanext. Yes, Alphanext provides all your needs related to website creation and its continuation.

Why Choose AlphaNext? 

Ok, we got to know first. AlphaNext is a Digital Agency in jakarta & Surabaya, Indonesia with specialization services in the field:

  • E-commerce Web Design & Development
  • Design & Branding
  • UI/UX Design
  • Explanation Video & Animation

AlphaNext has a team of experts and outstanding partners who provide creative solutions and great ideas with measurable and transparent results. Although our services are focused on making e-commerce website, we also serve the making of company website / business or personal. Some of the websites we have done include: happykado.com, shop.akibanation.com, decodeco.id, and more.

More than just making a regular website, we continue to develop ourselves as a company that really understands website technology even more in terms of e-commerce from shopping chart to payment system (payment gateway), shipping system (shipping system), and so on.

At AlphaNext you will get a wide range of exciting services and facilities and certainly facilitate your business, including::

WordPress & Woocommerce based

One of the AlphaNext services is the creation of a WordPress & Woocommerce based Ecommerce website which is the most popular website system in the world for its many advantages. Here you can choose a variety of website packages that are suitable for you at an affordable price. You can see it at Alphanext.co. Of course we provide packages with the maximum service in each package. So you do not have to hard anymore to start creating your own website.

Pilihan Template Yang Ingin Digunakan

In addition to WordPress & Woocommerce based, you can choose the domain name and website template you want to use. AlphaNext provides several categories of templates that you can choose that match and match the business you are running. To view the template in more detail, you can click on the portfolio we have set up in each template to preview the template. If you have found the appropriate template, please follow up and AlphaNext team will respond promptly to your request.

Responsive Web Design

In AlphaNext you will get responsive web design service. What is that? That is a feature design that allows your web to be accessed through a variety of devices, whether PC, Tablet, HP, or other. With the appropriate design. This allows the site layout to change the screen size used to view site changes. A widescreen display can accept a site design with multiple columns of content while a small screen can have the same content presented in a single column with text and links of the right size to read and use on a smaller view.

HTTPS (security)

HTTPS can be interpreted as a form of valid and secure protocol. This is because the commands and data via this HTTPS protocol have been protected by encryp system through various formats, so this will make it difficult for people who want to hijack the contents of documents sent using HTTPS media. HTTPS special function is to maintain the security of data from hackers who intend to hijack a document illegally. While the purpose of HTTPS is to anticipate the occurrence of a program error data and server damage due to connection failure caused by the company created by experts irresponsible hackers.

Bonus & Partnership

AlphaNext also features backup feature. In addition, in AlphaNext you will get a bonus in each package. Among others:

  • Free Online Course Marketing
  • Free Email Marketing Tool
  • Free E-book eCommerce

Alphanext also has partenership relationships with several parties such as AsiaCommerce, Journal (for bookkeeping), Inboundmarketing.id, Active Campaign, etc., as proof that AlphaNext can be trusted as your solution in creating and developing your business website.

Atur Website Sesuai Keinginan

You can customize the website as you see fit. If you’re still having trouble, do not hesitate to visit the AlphaNext Help Center which has a wealth of useful information for creating websites easily through hello@alphanext.co

Premium Package AlphaNext

If you feel there is a lack of service, less elegant designs, or other complaints, such as a less cool website for your business, AlphaNext provides premium packages. Complete service premium package and of course the affordable price you can see in Alphanext.co. The advantages of premium packages are for your business to be more trusted with optimization and features and services from time to time that are helpful to you.

Now stop reading and start creating a website for your business right now! Keep trying and good luck!

Azharuddin Ajidarma